Sigmadrive Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor Controller

Sigmadrive PM Motor controllers offer smooth and predictable speed control of permanent magnet traction motors across a wide range of system voltages and power ratings. The Sigmadrive family such as IMS technology, high-resolution current measurement, CANbus communications and extremely low head dissipation. The Sigmadrive PM range can also be configured for dual traction applications and includes dedicated Electric Power Steer Assist controllers.




Model PMT835M PMT465L PMT445M PMT425S
Voltage 72-80V 24-48V 24-48V 24-48V
Current / Time 350A / 60s 650A / 60s 450A / 60s 250A / 20s
Current RMS (1 Hr) 120A 260A 180A 80A
Size (mm) 225 x 200 x 56 320 x 200 x 56 225 x 200 x 56 177 x 155 x 38
Weight (Kg) 4.1 6.1 4.1 1.2



Model PME817S PME425S
Voltage 72-80V 24-48V
Current / Time 175A / 20s 250A / 20s
Current RMS (1 Hr) 60A 80A
Size (mm) 177 x 155 x 38 177 x 155 x 38
Weight (Kg) 1.2 1.2