The Ideal series is designed for applications where a simple meter with 4 digits and one relay is required in a 98 x 48mm package. The Ideal features a white LED display, 15 bit resolution and a wide range supply from 20 to 265V AC or DC.

The Ideal will accept Voltage or Temperature sensor input with a voltage supply included for external sensors.



The Pica Series comes in a 1/32 DIN or 48 x 24mm frame and is fully programmable. Voltage supply options are 85-265V AC @ 50/60Hz or 100-300V DC and 21-53V AC @ 50/60Hz or 10.5-70V DC.

The Pica series input options are Process Variables, Temperature sensors, Ammeter, Voltmeter & Pulse Input

PICA 100

The Pica 100 series is available with the voltage supply as the Pica series and in the same 1/32 DIN package. The Pica 100 has options for RS-485 or +/- 20mA output options and has 2 SPST, 5A relays installed as standard.

The Pica 100 input options are Process Variables or Pulse Input


The Pica 40 is a 48 x 24mm x 40mm (1/32 DIN) package, fully programmable panel meter. The Pica family comes in three types;

4-20MA Loop Powered
8-30VDC Voltmeter designed for battery monitoring
Ammeter using external shunt resistor


The Junior and Junior 20 offers a broad range of input options in a 96 x 48 x 60mm package.

The JR/JR20 input options are Process Variables, Temperature sensors, Potentiometer, Ohmmeter, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Pulse Input and Load Cell


The Micra series is the multi-function display ‘par excellence.’ The LED TRI-COLOUR display, GREENORANGERED allows an instant observation of GOOD, MEDIUM or BAD

The Micra M input options are Process Variables, Temperature sensors, Ammeter or Voltmeter, Pulse Input, Load Cell & Repeater – RS-485 or Ethernet


The Alpha Series digital panel meters is supplied with a full complement of standard functions include ±32000 count display, signal linearisation of up to 30 points, direct access to the set-point programming and up to 36 user programmable logic functions.

The Alpha input options include Process Variables, Temperature sensors, Pulse Input & Load Cell


Beta Series is a multi-function digital panel meter designed with three displays, a range of input options and programmable logic functions.

Inputs include Process Variables, Temperature sensors, Potentiometer, Pulse Input and the Beta-MP allows storage of parameters for up to 8 sensors.


The Gamma series is a digital panel meter is designed to measure weight, load, pressure, displacement, or DC current using external shunts, and accepts transducers like Load-Cell, Pressure Transmitter and Linear Potentiometers.

Two scaling options, manual or teach modes, filter levels selectable by key input and user defined last digit resolution makes it easy to adapt the Gamma to any input signal.

Set-points with selectable Latch, Delay or Hysteresis working related to Peak, Valley or Peak-Peak values.